“Globally, women entrepreneurship rates are growing more than 10% each year. In fact, women are as likely or more likely than men to start businesses in many markets,” says Karen Quintos, EVP and chief customer officer at Dell.

The growing momentum of female entrepreneurship can clearly be seen in this comprehensive list of 50 of South Africa’s finest. Although this movement has far from reached its peak, for those looking for inspiration, lessons or businesses to invest in, look no further than this list of female pioneers.

PART 1: Anastasia Dobson-du Toit and Michelle Dateling

Vital Stats:


These two co-founders met while studying for their MBA’s. Initially, there were six women who wanted to start a business together, but ultimately only Dobson-du Toit and Dateling forged ahead with a plan of action to make the business a reality.

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Despite launching in an incredibly competitive and heavily regulated industry; pharmaceuticals, 2 years later their business is consistently achieving impressive growth.

“When we launched the company, we knew that we wanted it to be a South African business — that the money should stay in the country and stimulate the economy here. However, we also realised that we didn’t have to manufacture ourselves in order to accomplish this.

There are plenty of South African businesses with the necessary capacity, just hoping for the business. So, we focus on the development and branding, which is where our strengths lie and contracting the rest out,” says Dobson-du Toit.

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