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Extreme Model Management was birthed in 2006, while I was recovering from breast cancer. I kept on asking myself what if today is my last day, did I do what I was put on this earth for?
So with the backing of my amazing family I started a model academy which quickly outgrew my slightly small vision. I quickly learned that there were so many young people who needed a safe place to learn how to be confident and secure in who they are.
Fast Forward 13 years and we have grown into 5 branches (in various halls we rent) and we started the agency side 8 years ago. My husband and two children now work full time for EMM and I have 3 part time coaches.
The Model Academy is my true passion – it is where we have helped hundreds of young girls not just in the industry but to become stronger women, fiercely believing in themselves! We are raising a broken generation, and most parents need the extra support in teaching their children to believe in themselves. EMM is that extended family, where I am the strict but loving mother.
EMM do not just teach them about valuing themselves, being confident and modelling but we equip them in public speaking, voice projection, dress sense & wearing the appropriate attire and to have accountability for their actions. We focus on relationships! I have been able to help so many young girls who have been abused, raped to see themselves as whole again.
There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child who started as super shy and broken becoming this strong, focused individual. The children do better in school and end up as strong mature successful adults. Even our parents who sit in at the academy classes said that they have gained so much knowledge which they can apply in their daily lives.
We are involved in various charities and sponsor 10 to 15 students a year to participate in the academy.
Our agency is known for the high quality of professional models working locally and internationally.
We are proud to say that the academy and agency has grown so much that we outgrew our little “in-house” office . We are currently renovating our granny flat into full offices where we will be able to meet clients and new models. My dream is to invest into a big enough studio area instead of renting various venues on a weekly basis.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

The R50 000 marketing, website and training is really needed. We are busy with the website but it is a slow process. I would love to update the website and keep it updated. Our social media manager is amazing in marketing but we need to market ourselves stronger to potential clients. The training we need is on running the business side more efficient.
*The cash will allow us to add onto our office area, upgrade the parking area and entrance, to allow a more professional look.
* We are in the process of planning a model bootcamp (2- 4 August) and need to pay the deposit by end February (models will be charged for the weekend which consist of teambuilding, healthy lifestyle and various guestspeakers who are leaders in the industry.
* R10 000 will be invested as my financial adviser (a friend who built his company from nothing to a billion rand company) believes you must always add to your savings!
Hopefully there will be some left to take my full time staff and part time staff for a spa-day.

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