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Business Name: A Markides Landscaping & Irrigation
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Where to begin. I am an artist and every garden is my canvas!
For the past 20 years I have created hundreds of beautiful garden masterpieces. My work is my passion. I put my heart and soul in every garden I do.
I offer garden layouts for new and established gardens. I create a sanctuary for people to relax and enjoy their times at home. What is a beautiful house without a spectacular garden. A place where you can enjoy summer fun with friends and family. Nature is pure and wonderful. It’s peaceful and tranquil. A place to relax and forget all your worries.
All my gardens are carefully and thoughtfully designed according to your specifications and my artistic flair.
I also install manual and computerized irrigation systems.
Along with my amazing mom and in the memory of my amazing dad I wish to create amazing gardens for many years to come.

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