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Business Name: 42 On Sonneblom Deli and Function Venue
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42 on Sonneblom Deli and Function Venue is a home-based Deli with a wide selection of Deli products such as nuts, seeds, rusks, eggs, meat, dairy, banting products, alternative flours, etc. We cater for individual consumers as well as agents who resell our products. (mainly the 1kg nuts, seeds and banting range). Our 75g nut snack-packs are also sold at various florists, pharmacies and coffee shops as well as at 8 Food and Connect shops on the University of Cape Town campus.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

R100K will help tremendously as we will be able to do the following:
Buy a display freezer for our frozen meat, berries and pies
Develop out website further in order to make ordering online easier, including having professional photo’s taken of all the products in the online shop

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