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AP Royalty Party& Events Managements still an upcoming company in the industry therefore we welcome local clients to share the platform with them, in planning and hosting while providing refreshments and well trained staff such as waitrons and barmen’s for their event (Corporate functions and parties). We pride ourselves in working within the small-to-medium size sector; preferring the personal touch inherent to this group.
Should you be considering holding a conference or event, please contact us. We would be delighted to assist you in gathering information to prepare a bid document as part of your conference or event planning. We hire out Stretch tents, jumping castles and decor essentials.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Move into new premises because I am now working from home so that might also help me to get more clients because at this point some clients maybe they are doubting our company. I remember I once had a client who insisted that she will come and see our premises before paying her deposit, she was hiring a jumping castle.
Go after new markets as I have mentioned that the marketing strategy need a revamp.
If I can win this 100k it can make a lot of sense to target a new market – there’s new customers and potentially greater traction for our services. Although every small business has limited resources to carry out these achievement. Pulling extra funds into the business to help this objective can be smart, and it’s often necessary.
Get new equipment – this really depends on our business needs, and using finance is a smart way to do this. Why? It means it will be easy get access to the equipment without having to pay large amounts for “subcontracting” this goes back to our of cash flow as an issue up-front. This helps keep the business in a good cash flow position, which is important for any growing company.

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