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Business Name: Ashleigh's Beauty Box
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I am an Independent Nu-Skin distrubutor. A skincare company that sells natural and herbal products for face and body. All products contain harmless chemicals and most products are for all skin types. The products also include items for hair and oral care.

I also have a team where I have recruited ladies to join Nu-Skin and start this as their own business.

We as women go through so much in this life and face difficult challenges in relationships, financially and emotionally. Joining Nu-Skin has given me so much of confidence not only in helping and recruiting ladies to be an independent worker, but to actually be a motivation to women who need support in their lives.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I would use the R100k to host events and for advertising. I would use my products to do demos and open it up to the community so that they can have a first hand experience on some items. I would also get samples for people to try out

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