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Petit Fox is all about offering top-class second-hand kids clothing and maternity wear at affordable prices. It’s an easy and innovative solution for parents to quickly and easily make some cash and create some space in their cupboards by selling the clothes their kids have outgrown, or didn’t wear at all! Our key differentiators are that we pay upfront and we do not compromise on quality.
Petit Fox’s philosophy is that all parents should be able to afford quality clothes for their kids without spending a fortune or damaging the environment.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

The 100k would allow us to create jobs, move into bigger premises, offer more stock and boost our marketing campaigns – both online and offline, above and below the line – to grow our community.
This prize would help Petit Fox to attain its goal which is to reverse the negative perception that consumers have towards buying pre-owned clothing for their kids and make second-hand shopping online mainstream in South Africa.

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