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The business is divided into two parts. The first part is the home decor and second part is the jewelry making. I hand craft and make all products my self using good quality fabrics and materials that I outsourse. On the home decor part of the business I like to experiment with new product materials to ultimately provide my clients with well styled end products.
On the jewelry part of the business, I make simple but elegant modern pieces of jewelry. I do not make bulk jewelry as I like to offer my clients limited range of products that only a few people will own. I prefer to offer my clients limited, unique products that only a few clients will have.
The vision for my company is to eventually be sectioned into three parts. First part will be TT Fashion; Second part TT Interiors and lastly TT Food and Events. I am very passionate about all three sectors in the business and I have a natural talent for design. I plan to make the business a leading brand that is trustworthy, reliable and mostly offering exceptional products and service to our clients.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

R100k would help me to build a room at home that I will turn into a studio to work from. I would also be able to get website done for the business. The funds will also help me to put up signage in a form of a mini board at busy road intersection to advertise my business. I would also like to put up another signage at my home so that clients will confirm where the business premises are. Business cards and flyers will also be budgeted for. Lastly I would put aside a portion of the funds toward a deposit of double cab van for the business. My home decor business is reliant on transport especially when I have to go buy fabric rolls and when I have to deliver the curtains, curtain rails or rods. My husband is assisting me at the moment but a van with my logo on the sides will be beneficial for the business

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