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Business Name: BuSa Mobile Meat
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/busameat

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We supply quality, fresh meat that we source out from our supplier and deliver for free in Johannesburg and a small fee in neighbouring cities. We created hampers of different types of meat that customers can choose from. If a customer cannot find the meat combination they want from our hamper list, they may then create their own hamper by choosing from our long list of meat, creating the combination of meat that they want. Our hampers are compatible in any size that the client may want (A client may want 2kg wors, 3kg Beef stew and 5kg Chicken). Basically they habe the freedom of creating their perfect meat hamper. We supply all types of meat in all sizes such as fish, chicken, beef, pork, lamb and all other meats under these categories. Our customers are everyday people buying meat for their home, someone who has an event such as a wedding, funeral or party and needs meat delivered to them as well as food selling businesses in the township that sell cooked plates with meat and we act as a supplier to those businesses for their meat. We plan to venture into event companies and supplying meat there as well.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

This money would help launch out business into an online store. At the moment the process is people contacting us via our phones and social media and send orders after viewing our list. We would like to move our business into an online store. Think.. Take a lot, but for meat. We want it to be more systemated in a sense where a customer would log in, view our hampers and list, choose and after paying, receive an email comfirming their purchase whilst on our side, we receive a “ping” and we dispatch a van to our supplier that will then deliver to the client. We would use the money to find a system that would be perfect in tracking this system as well as provide data base from client who sign up to our page. We believe this would grow our business exponentially and easily get us operating in the other provinces in the country. We want to invest in a system thay wpild be so accurate and effective to even allow the client to track their order online.

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