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The Men’s Room is an exclusive men’s grooming studio where we bring the feeling of an old school barbershop back to the family dynamic but with a modern twist. My husband and I run 2 branches in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town in Diep River and Muizenberg. The idea of the business is to give men and boys a safe environment to be groomed (haircuts, cut throat shaves, facials, scalp massages and colour treatments) without feeling intimidated as they often do in ladies salons. An important part of the business model is to keep our services cost effective and family orientated. We like the idea that fathers and sons bond over this outing. The business has been in operation for approx 13 years and we have seen young boys who started coming in with their fathers, through their Matric balls, nuptials and now bringing their sons in for the first haircuts. I would love to see us serving generations as time goes by. Another important aspect of our business is that we focus hugely on training and upskilling individuals from previously disadvantaged areas. The Men’s Room takes young people/men who have a passion for cutting hair and playing around in their neighborhoods (cutting hair for their friends) and give them in house training and assist them to obtain their SETA approved certification in barbering. Those guys then get onto the straight and narrow and give back to more youngsters that we put through our informal apprenticeship program. Some youngsters have overcome drug addictions and moved out of gang infested areas to better living conditions and livable remuneration despite having the odds stacked against them. Most have not even completed high school but now live in decent houses, own cars and have families of their own. The cost of running this informal apprentice program is solely covered by The Men’s Room. We do however feel that giving back to the cape flats communities we grew up in is critical to the success of the business.

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In order to grow, we are in desperate need of a face-lift. Our branding has not been redone in more than 4 years. I do feel that it is vital to keep branding and your look as edgy and relevant as possible. Move with the times so to speak. The business also needs to invest some money into new equipment and funding for our trainees that covers a small stipend for traveling etc. I would also like to go on a course that covers social media marketing in order to get the most out of online and social media footprint.

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