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Business Name: C2 Health & Wellness
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C2 Health and Wellness was started for the busy Mom’s, the Working Ladies where time is not in our favor at all, time to get to the gym or preparing those healthy meals are but a dream.

These products are specifically formulated for Health and Vitality. Formulated with the purest, most natural ingredients. Helping to Boost your Energy Levels and Immune System.
Helping you to lose weight the natural way by kick starting your metabolism.
These products are full of the anti-oxidants.
These Products are Vegan Friendly and contains NO animal Products

Changing lives one by one !!!

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I will use the R100k to purchase stock as that is my biggest challenge at this stage, my products are selling faster than I can get stock, which means the demand is extremely high. I will also use a percentage to give back to my local community of woman..

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