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Lifestyle Consulting as opposed to “Image Consultant” because I strongly believe that no matter what clothes you wear, you need a strong mind, a strong body, a good self-love, a healthy heart and soul and home to actually look and feel good…

A Lifestyle Consulting company which offers a wholistic service of Image Consulting and offer services (which I believe all work together to help you ultimately look and feel good) such as Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness, Sorting & Organising, Home & Decor. As far as the Image Consulting goes, our services are titled as follows and include a description i.e. ;

Our Live in Colour service includes a full colour coding session and discussion after which you’ll receive a colour swatch to help you with future shopping trips. We will also look at your face shape and work through hair, make-up and other accessory details.

The Figure This, Figure That service covers a body shape analysis, a fun chat about what your clothing needs are (i.e. your daily and off time activities etc.) and I’ll provide you with a brief document detailing your suggested wear.

Then finally the Architect Your Wardrobe is an opportunity to have some fun with what you already own, putting outfits together based on your colours and body shape already completed. I’ll help you plan your wardrobe and give organisation & folding tips to make dressing super simple.

We also offer Personal Shopping services which can be discussed once the Wardrobe has been Architected and we know what you still need to complete your dream wardrobe.

I have also partnered with a dietitian, a personal trainer and interior decorator to provide the full service offering*

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Create an organised office space at home to ensure that work time can be separated from “home time”. As well as MARKETING:)

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