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Curvaceous Me…was established in 2017 by Charlene Mitchell. After years of struggling to find clothing I wanted and then when finding them…feeling like I was years older in them…i decided to create a brand of clothing that flattered our curvy bodies, a brand that is sassy, fun, trendy and stylish…. I wanted to create a day where we could say farewell to the days when curvy girls had to feel less than or ugly because of how they looked or were made to feel. For years society made us believe that we were not good enough…and didn’t fit the mould. Well, my plan was to create a mould for us South African woman who has been blessed with a bit more. My love for fashion and the desire to make women feel good about themselves and what they wear pushed me to do what my heart desired for many years. Curvaceous Me was born out of pure love for women just like me…
Curvaceous Me….Made with your body in mind

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

1. Purchase fabrics for production
2. Get my Website up and running
3. Get the CMT I work with (which is also family owned) equipped with better machinery which would enable better production time – also enables me to grow the CMT and make it a full on compliment to the Design Centre…keeping everything inhouse and ensuring that the current staff at the CMT remains employed and well looked after – possibly even grow the staff compliment.
4. Enrol for the pattern making and grading course which would enable me to save on cost as I wont have to outsource these service…hence offering a full service to my clients
5. Have sufficient cash available in the bank to ensure that the business runs smoothly

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