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Me and the Sea is a proudly South African active swimwear range. A fusion of style and functionality designed to be the perfect partner from land to sea. Active swimwear is swimwear that supports you having an active, playful lifestyle. Whether you swim, surf, SUP, surfski, play volleyball on the beach or frolic with your kids in the shore break, it stays on, it gives you support, it protects your skin AND it is utterly stylish.
Me and the Sea was born out of a love for the ocean and a desire to share my passion with other women. Whenever I chat to women about my passion for surfing, watching the sun rise as I sit at backline, surfing with dolphins and pretty much just enjoying the ocean – I can see their eyes sparkle, but they often don’t know how to get started or what to wear. They find some way of telling themselves that they probably can’t do it. And I wanted to tell them that they can!!
As a surfer girl, it is a real struggle to find a bikini that can handle having fun in (and out) of the water, while still looking utterly stylish. So I started on my journey to make swimwear that can do just that.
Me and the Sea is a brand that celebrates being a woman who loves and cares about the ocean and who takes time to do what makes her soul come alive! A woman who feels comfortable in her own skin and what she’s wearing, while doing what she loves.

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