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I have recently started on the social media platform an online based business.I retail popular branded Kiddies items which has taken off in my new City wonderfully.However I also have plans to extend the range and the brand.Prior to this I owned a successful salon and a training centre as well as took a product I developed capable of been franchised.I then relocated here with my husband and kids,and have persevered to build another new business,irrespective of the challenges any new business may have.I am still pursuing my entrepreneurial spirit and doing something different from my previous business ventures.Therefore as a serial entrepreneur I started this online shopping platform.

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It will totally transform everything.We will firstly have the correct tools to escalate the business.Employ staff to handle the demands of our already growing business.Be influential and relevant with buying the correct stock at Good prices.We will be able to develop this brand,market it with the correct online tools and operate it at levels that will give us the necessary momentum to impact all lives that come into contact with our business through this an various business concepts I have that can expand our existing business to revolutionize lives.With the added assistance from your team with websites,online marketing etc.We will definitely be influential in our business dealings on a new level.

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