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Root cause is an online furniture and decor businesss we are currently selling off of gumtree and Facebook but are looking into building a website and blog. The furniture is made primarily from reclaimed wood. The furniture is natural looking such as tree stump side tables and root coffee tables as well as many other pieces. We are also working on including living plants into the furniture to bring life to the home and use plants that naturally clean the air in the home. Not only do they clean the air but they create an uplifting environment. The decor I am looking at doing is cushions, paintings, pottery and framed prints. The idea of the business is to uplift both men and women and offer skills development. This is brand new and so we do not have a FB or Instagram page yet as we are busy making pieces to photograph. I am happy to send a few images I have if need be.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I will use the prize money to employ two people, one to train in carpentry and another to make the cushion covers and other fabric related decor. I will also use the money to have a online store built

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