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Babalooli gifts is innovative, creative and strive to always provide the element of surprise when our gifts are received. We create one of a kind gifts for any occasion,tailored to budget and occasion. We mix and match the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Babalooli gifts also makes best looking and tasting Biltong Cakes and the most unique Diaper Cakes
Babalooli is also able to source and supply bulk items with branding.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

The business could benefit by having a website with our own email address and a more uncluttered social media presence. More space and a proper area to pack and store stock and showcase products. Would love to use the services of a virtual assistant to catch up on paperwork and record keep. The company could benefit with professional packaging, labelling and branding to create even more brand awareness. Being a mom who turned a hobby into a business I don’t have enough business experience and would love to have a business coach to help me achieve all the above.

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