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Business Name: An Open Door Life Coach and Training
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Provide tools to individuals who have not tapped into their purpose or experienced their glory. We are walking, talking treasure chests and it is not in our destiny to take those treasure chests to the grave with us. As a Life Coach, I am enabling people to break open the clay jar and find that treasure that lies within them. I believe that many are stuck in a mundane place because they have not learnt how to action breakthroughs in their lives, hence they live somebody else’s destiny or vision. I need to be able to further equip my business to make a difference . I would like to tap into the rape victims crisis centres and provide a service to help the victims overcome the trauma. I am a Life Coach as well as an Emotional Freedom therapist and a Time Line Therapist with Christian Neuro Linguistic Transformation.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

For branding, a website, equipment for presentations, worksheets, printing and printer, stationery. In LC there is a lot of paperwork to be completed Q’s & A’s, hence stationery is a constant requirement. I run into financial difficulties keeping up with supplies so this would be a relief for me.

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