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Business Name: Absolute Women's Club
Facebook Page: www.absolutewomen's club

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AWC is a platform created for women empowerment, aim is to make an impact globally and create flagships around the world, where women can be empowered. By educating them about the following pillars : Finance, Time management, Personal Development, Investment,Personal branding,Fashion & Make up. How to win in the market place.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I will host a free event for women empowerment and use the money to pay for the planning of the event and speakers. I would like to host these seminars for free of charge to the women in the future, coz for now i am selling tickets to everyone who wants to that becomes my profit. However if i can get investors to support me on a 3/5 year plan i can be able to have a free event as another way of paying it forward and giving back to my society. we want to empower each other and these seminars should be funded fully so that when we host our female guests at a no cost, they come and get the content of the event and feel empowered without paying any cent. This will encourage them also when they do business they must also apply generosity to others. uplift one another.

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