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Business Name: FAB Candles SA
Website: www.fabcandles-sa.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/fabcandlessa

Business Description

I own a small Candle Business, i work from home while working a full time job.
I have a passion for Candles and what i can bring to the community, i have been doing candles for over 12 years and i had a bride put my work of her Unity Candles in The Real Brides Magazine which was a huge achievement.

Id like to own a store and do it full time, with teaching Candle Making Courses and displaying my work for all to see.

I have dedication and passion, bringing the best to my clients,though many ask where my store is, i do have an online store but i feel its not good enough and can bring so mucj more to my clients.

I make plain, jar and printed candles for all requirements, i take my clients idea and give them a product that they have invisioned whih brings me joy and happiness when they get their product and expected less than what i have produced.

I would love a store and have a bigger place to make all my candles while creating jobs for all other woman out there that can carry this along the way.

I would love this prize and it would be a huge honor as i do not have the funds myself to implement my dream.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I would use the money to grow my business with advertising and look for a small store where i can grow the business and create jobs aswell as teach others to make amazing candles, with all the load shedding candles will never die out and is needed in our country and id love to showcase my work as its always asked.

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