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House of Rah is a clothing brand which caters for both young and old females and males.
We make streetwear and everyday use with funky detailing like being reversible so you can take it from daytime to nighttime and also just in case a baby makes a mess we can still flip the other side and make it new again

Everything is hand made by me Francisca and I’m a self taught 23 year old female with a blood that runs entrepreneur

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I would invest in my business would first need to get a shop space which I would be able to sustain and potentially get one or 2 young brands to rent a space or Rail it will be like a concept shop and this in turn would help with rentals as well as maintenance and also boost up a few more entrepreneurs.

I will also like to get one or 2 more machines to help me with the production get a lady to help with production and also I believe is the most important thing is get my business registered get all the required paperwork sorted out trademark my name have a website sorted out and be a real business

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