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Business Name: The Longevity Company
Website: www.helenhansen.co.za
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/helenhansen.co.za

Business Description

The Longevity Company (TLC) focuses on developing and improving wellness in physical, mental and emotional areas of the lives of young, old and those in between. Modalaties such as kinesiology, holistic psychology, frequency treatment, Bach flower remedies are used to guide individuals through their journey of transformation whether it be to heal, find their life purpose or live life to the fullest.
Healthy mind-body connection is at the basis of all sessions.

Focus areas:
Emotional instability / Depression / Anxiety / Life Direction / Brain Focus / Insomnia / Nutrition / Stress / Muscle Tension / Digestive Disorders / Fatigue / Fibromyalgia / Subconscious reprogramming.

Clients include:
Ladies aged 30 – 60 who have health and wellness high on their list of values
Corporate individuals aged 35 – 50 who want to take their career and life to next level and understand the value of soft skills and emotional development.
The youth – where parents are concerned about health, academics or emotional stability

To facilitate individuals to bring balance into their bodies and lives now and to empower them with skills to manifest and maintain their short and long term life goals.

Trustworthiness – to provide an environment that is safe; communicate honestly and keep customer info confidential.
Love – show love through compassion, kindness and caring.
Customer Focused – provides experiences for clients that are world class. Provide strong support for all clients at all times.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

R15 000 for branding strategy
R30 000 for 6 month internet marketing campaign
R21 000 for 3 ads in print magazines over 6 months
R 5500 for business cards, leaflets, posters and banners
R18 500 to create online longevity and wellness webinar, including physical, mental and emotional wellness techniques. This amount will cover content editing (creation has been done) + videographer + video editor + website / landing page development
R10 000 for marketing the wellness webinar

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