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My name is Isabella De Beer and I was simply tired of hair that does not grow or that damaged easily. I was also tired for overpriced products that had little to no results.

I did my research and found natural ingredients that not only helps with hair growth, but with hair health as well.

I sold my carwash business and when into my new venture (changing womens lifes).

I went on a search to find a manufacturer which can design my products according to the law and that is very safe to consume. There after we obtained all the legal certification and the journey began.

I learned how to design a website and got life.

We offer next day delivery for ultimate customer satisfaction and we are continuously improving our customer service.

We now sell hair growth capsules and argan oils that are natural and works effectively for all hair types.

My Customer regularly message me and they are so excited about the change in their hair and how healthy it looks.

I personally have recorded about 4cm hair growth in just one month.

My goals are to Get the BeautysOrigin brand into all of South Africa’s store to give all women an affordable, effective and natural hair growth brand.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

The prize money will go to creating a wider variety of hair products like shampoo’s and conditioners.

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