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Business Name: Consulting Possibility
Facebook Page: @thesprightlyseed

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All child focused projects are sufficiently equipped to deliver on the food security and nutritional needs of beneficiaries.
Through a collaborative model, we deliver kitchen and food garden infrastructure products to child focused projects. This offering is supplemented with a development service which includes community level training and monitoring. Our product and service package is designed to build sustainability, capacity and agency within community projects that serves the food security and nutrition needs of beneficiaries over the long term.
Positioning statement:
Every child has the right to have their basic needs met. By meeting their most basic food security and nutritional needs, they are given the freedom to fully access other developmental opportunities available. Our basic needs perspective allows us to provide an equitable starting block for all South African children.
Consulting Possibility (Pty) Ltd is the implementation partner to a non-profit organisation called The Sprightly Seed. This places the organisation in the Social Enterprise category, a development agency delivering implementation services to child focused projects.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

The monies would be put towards hiring an additional staff member to conduct site visits and training at the 21 projects we will be working in.

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