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Business Name: Women Arise
Facebook Page: www.fb.me/womenariseorganisation.com

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 Women Arise Organisation is an organisation whereby we address issues that we come across in real life.
 Our mandate was to address women with issues before we realised that, we also have men that are abused.
 To inspire young women, giving them hope that there is still better tomorrow.
 To build them and bringing back self confidence.

To be an ideal integrated model that changes the communities’ mind-set about their present life, cause there is still little light at the end of the tunnel.

To be raise and build healthy community in every aspect of life. Targeting five {5} motions of life which include the following:
1.Spiritual pains
 Normally people don’t look into it.
 Spiritual instability in changing churches- people should realise moving in to different won’t rip any benefit in their spiritual life. In the long run they disown Jesus and in the process hurting your trust in Jesus.
 Pastor’s inconsistence in delivering the word of God and in the process it hurt members of the church.
2.Physical abuse/pains
 Making your partner a punching bag.
 Partners fighting in the full view of the kids, creating bad behaviour and bad memories to the kids.
3.Emotional abuse/pains
 The exchange of word, not realising that you are hurting your partner.
 Incorrect choice of words while speaking to other people it hurts people’s emotions and it makes people not to open out on their challenges.
• Rape
1. Being a victim of rape can be traumatic if not fatal in to some extent. Some people in the communities we living are abused and they find it difficult to deal with the challenges, they depressed and they feel finished.

2. I know it’s hard to forget when you are abuse, but first you must learn to love yourself, forgive & take one step at the time then you can be able to forgive someone.

3. Forgiving its hard but one day at the time, then you can move on with the daily challenges.
• Sicknesses & Disease
I always tell my friends that you died by choice
“Why am I saying that?”

1. You go to the doctor & he/she tells you that you have this kind of disease
~The is something you can do about it
Living a good life
Taking your meds
Exercising to be in good shape
Talking to other people
Making friends, to avoid stress
2. The best medication of all
Accepting & learn to let go, accept GOD
4.Social pains
 Denied opportunity to social with friends or ordinary people.
 Discouraged to engage with the public.
5.Psychological abuse/pains
 Refer it to psychological violence, emotional abuse & mental abuse.
 It can be seen by the behaviour that may result psychological trauma: example it include the following; anxiety, chronic depression & traumatic stress disorder.

The organisation is here to ensure good health of our community by offering them help & quality care.
Sometimes listening can help to heal a soul.

What inspired me as a young woman “Jane Wa Kwa Mangope“ to start this organisation, I was raised by a single mother.I have seen the entire struggle that my mother went and I told myself that I will rise above what I have esperienced during my childhood.

What I have realised in life, is that you can forgive but its very hard to forget.That’s what happened in my present life! I have found it hard to trust men in my life time, but first I learned to forgive myself before I could let go of the past.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Will start with the sports entertainment grounds, netball court, tennis court and volleyball. Built a hall for our Organization, where we can host our events. Have our own equipment.

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