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Business Name: Chrismida Wellness Clinic
Website: www.chrismidawellnessclinic.co.za
Facebook Page: www.chrismidabeauty

Business Description

We specialize in slimming & pain therapy, where we eliminate stress & tension to improve & maintain your overall wellbeing. Chrismida believe that beauty is not only from the outside but also from the inside. Chrismida started training ladies who really needed to be uplifted, we do training in overall wellness totally free, and have had great success with this, some of which we were able to provide jobs for, others that have started their own business. We believe in paying it forward. If you give you receive. This way empowering all woman and in certain cases men, whether they are training with us or whether they are our clients, we believe in giving the biggest gift you can to another human being, and that is the gift of self-worth. With this we also believe in pain therapy assisting all our cancer patients for free, being a part of hospice, and accommodating those patients that is in extreme pain. We truly believe in our brand, and we know that we are still going to make a huge difference in many peoples lives.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I will most definitely upgrade the salon in regards to a more upmarket facility, and I would use it towards further training and uplifting the woman who really needs it. It would also be amazing to be able to do more for all the different hospices around South Africa. Marketing would have to be in there somehow.

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