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Epiphany noun
“a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of, something that is very important to you”

I always had a love for photos ever since I can remember. I was fascinated by all the photos in my grandmother’s albums and would always sit on my grandfather’s lap while browsing through the albums and asked him who all those people were. Sure enough, he had a story to tell about every photograph captured and even told me with what type of camera it was captured with. Little did I know that photography will become a crucial part of my life later on. When my eldest was born 6 years ago, my husband worked about half the year out of the country and missed out on all those cute baby smiles and big milestones. We had to keep building on the bond between him and our little girl. The only way I could do that was by sending photos. I realised that soon enough I started playing with different positions, lighting and would play a lot with editing photos when I needed a bit of much needed “me time”. I annoyed my husband so many times on family outings by taking photos all the time and asking everyone to say “cheese”. We actually giggle about it now. Today we are grateful because my mother in law sadly passed away at a very young age and now we have plenty of photos with her and our girls to treasure forever.

I hope you will feel the love and passion in my photos when you scroll down the page and would soon enough allow me to say “say cheese”


How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

R100k will definitely help me get rid of debt and still have enough left to work on those advertising skills. Maybe do a course or two in my field of business as well.

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