Business Information

Business Name: Feel Gorge Beauty Bar
Website: feelgorge.67squared.com
Facebook Page: Feel Gorge Hair

Business Description

Feel Gorge Beauty Bar is all about people feeling gorgeous emotionally by accentuating their outer appearance to match their presentation desires. For the service part of the business Kanya and Unathi each source out their own clients whom they service from reserve parts of their homes in Montana and Gugulethu, respectively. They sell weaves and wigs sourced from supplier based in China and currently these products are available to their clients on a delivery basis where they always try to meet in a central location.

Business offering:
Feel Gorge Beauty Bar brings several beauty aspects to the market in the form of product and service under one umbrella; namely; the following:
• weave & wig
o sales
o repairs
o treatment
o colouring
o bleaching
o styling
• Nail

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

The R100k will help us buy a Container for our business were we can operate our beauty bar salon in the Township, making it easy for our clients to get to us. We are currently working from home and our dream is to open our salon. With the salon we will also be able to hire women from around the township.

Thank you for this opportunity.

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