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A postive and determined mindset is what separates successful people from those who do not live up to their potential. In this day and age we lack the personal interactions that were so common in the past and as a result many children and adults are walking around with baggage from their circumstances, upbringing, cultural norms, experiences and/or their own internal issues due to perceived expectations.
I am a certified counsellor (focused on children, youth and woman), and a human capital development specialist with 13 years of experience. I want to give people of all ages the opportunity to truly elevate their lives by offloading their baggage in a safe and structured environment.
My services are focused around offering affordable, accessible counselling, life coaching and empowerment sessions incorporating play for the little ones, career guidance for the older ones, and various forms of counselling depending on what the individual needs.
This includes coping sessions for parents of children living with learning, mental and physical disabilities.
I am also an advanced relationship consultant so I offer sessions with those who have lost emotional touch with their families or friends due to the pace of life.
I currently offer free workshops at schools and do pro bono work for charities and the SAPS victims units.

Child wellness sessions using play
Teen Counselling
Counselling services for pregnant woman or those struggling with pregnancy
Corporate interventions for employee mental wellness
Parent/child workshops and seminars
Trauma Counselling
Career counselling

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