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My business is about helping each other because together we can , Mothers go through a lot and they could use a helping hand . Having experiencing it first hand , bieng a mom at 21 , still a student already I felt awful about leaving my baby behind but the hardest part was not knowing whether the person I am leaving my baby with will take care of my child in the same manner I would , will she be okay or part of the statistics of children abused by their nannies . my company provide that Assurity needed by every mother leaving their children behind . I provide nannies to the ones in need of them , ensuring that the nanny is paid fairly and Work flexible working hours whilst ensuring that the children taken care of at the safest hands , incase of emergencies my nannies know what to do as I provide first aid training and also emphasized the need of hygiene when taking care of the children . The nannies are carefully selected thus only the best with the heart for children get the opportunity to be part of my team .

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

1. Get a marketing team
2. Professional training for nannies
3 . Uniforms
4 . Working station

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