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Creating job opportunities for black woman by rendering a cleaning service as there is no work for them in other parts of Africa. I’m a working mom therefor I understand how any mom feels. House cleaning services can also clean regularly for you, if you choose. In fact, this is very practical for those who work long hours, or those who are not physically able to clean. Through house cleaning services you receive professional cleaning and a quality deep-clean. Sit back in your allergen-free, decluttered home, and enjoy being stress-free and unbothered by crawling insects.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I will be able to give my staff good place to stay, provide them with food. Be able to promote my business. Many of my staff are from outside cape Town as there is no work for them. Their kids are left behind in their countries sometimes by parents or friends just to be able to provide for their families.
I want to becomr a business that helps build a nation.
Proudly South African

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