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At co-Mind we believe that we offer a fresh and revolutionary experience to members where private space are respected and collaborative space are utilized effectively and efficiently. Our unique product offering, professional design and quality office equipment sets us apart. Being the first of its kind in this area, co-Mind now provides the platform for freelancers, trendsetters, entrepreneurs and other business owners to obtain all the benefits of having a professional office and boardroom set-up without paying exhorbitant rent.

Become a dedicated desker with a tailor-made package to suit all your workspace needs or just pop in for an hour or two as hot desker to catch up with your emails and admin. Already have your own office space but still want to be part of the co-Mind community? Simply sign up to become a member and receive invitations to all our collaborative events and workshops.

Join one of the biggest business community trends in the world by becoming a co-Mind member and start to reap the rewards of a shared office space.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

i would pay back our loan we made to start up the business in the first place and then expand further, mobile container internet cafe/offices for all that need it as well as expand the space we have now. We aim to open in George next.

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