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I am a life coach, offering 1:1 packages which empower you to #LiveLifeAuthentically. My focus is on personal growth, relationships and connecting with your higher self. I use a combination of practical coaching tools, a psychological framework called transactional analysis and spiritual principles, such as meditation, to support and challenge my clients.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I have two visions to grow my business :
1. I will sign up for a coaching program with a coach who is already as successful as I aim to be. Investing in myself makes me a better coach and businesswoman and better able to serve my clients. The coaches I admire come with a hefty price tag which is why I haven’t done this yet.
2. I will invest in a digital marketing program to do an overhaul of my presence online. I have a specific company in mind and they do not come cheaply either but I love the work that they are doing. It’s important to feel aligned with the businesses I collaborate with. This money will provide me with the opportunity to engage with these successful women and learn from them.

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