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Surprise In The Air is a bespoke balloon and gifting business that adds a POP to birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and any other special occasion for their clients loved ones. It is a business run by a young lady who has a passion for creativity and beautiful things. Surprise In The Air offers unique modern art balloons filled with feathers, glitter and confetti and consists of a personalized message on the balloons and may include a gift box that has chocolates, teddy bear or any other gifting specially made for our clients. The main goals for Surprise In The Air is to give customers an opportunity to use their creativity to create their very own personalized balloons and gifting and to also surprise our clients significant others.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

With the prize, the business would grow by purchasing a helium tank/balloon inflator and a vinyl cutter machine. The money would also go into logistics for delivery and the addition of new gifting products to give our customers more options and create a variety of gifting ideas. It would also go into the marketing of the business.

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