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k.lara fine glass design is a small creation that started in a very specific varsity c(g)lass. From my first encounter with heat that reaches a minimum of 1200°C, I was amazed!
All the colourful solid Effetre glass rods that melts under a gas flame combined with oxygen, got me pretty exited! How is it possible to handle red hot melted glass and form it around a mandrel (a thin steel rod) and on top of that decorate it with more melted glass!
So k.lara fine glass design started with trial and error as I got better in class and experienced with medium and technique.
k.lara fine glass design works with the concept that there is a bead for everyone. Every single bead that is made is an original, as well as every single ring, broach, bracelet, necklace and earrings.
The only constant is the production of products. Other than that it is a brand that is on-going. There will always be new styles and new products. We aim for expansion!
Not only in product expansion, but also in the community. K.lara fine glass design has a dream of getting involved with the people, teaching bead making as a skill that can be gained and used to motivate creativity and a desire to be entrepreneurs.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I would firstly use the prize money for studio space and equipment that is still needed so that I mainly can start with the classes for glass forming and then I would focus on media and marketing so that I can get the word out there.

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