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Business Name: Trend Revolution
Website: Www.trendrevolution.co.za
Facebook Page: TrendRevolution

Business Description

It’s simple! Trend Revolution offers South Africans top quality trending health & beauty products from around the world, hassle free, customs free with quick delivery!

We keep up to date with all the best products and establish business relationships with companies around the world allowing us to bring trendy, healthy happiness to all South Africans direct from the supplier. You won’t find anything but the original product here!

Plus… we CARE! We do not buy and sell any products that are not completely cruelty free.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

It will enable us to register a prize product we have our eyes on which is a health supplement, this will in turn allow us to employ more sales staff around South Africa. It will also enable us to advertise more on social media!

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