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“Where there is NO HOPE for the future, there is NO POWER in the PRESENT”
As the 100% member of EVEOLVE (a Personal Brand Coaching and Business Branding company), my heart is to help others find HEARO inside of themselves. HEARO represents:
This is for business as well as in life!

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Opportunist and Survivor, are some words that spring to mind when I consider my philanthropic soul. I am a spirited optimist and creative expert with over 22 years’ experience of leadership in the advertising, marketing and communications industry.
Dedicating much energy to EVEOLVE® some 10 years now, I have established myself as a Master Practitioner Coach with COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring of SA) and have subsequently launched another business called VALUENEURS which is based on a share-economy model.

Being passionate about people and their growth is a given. With this said, I am particularly passionate about entrepreneurship, especially the female leaders of entrepreneurial businesses. As in-born nurturers, we struggle to juggle our roles by keeping all the balls in the air. Suffering from burnout and cancer personally, I know that we as female/solo entrepreneurs place ourselves very low on our list TO DO list – sometimes we don’t even feature on the list especially when it comes to self-care. I am thus driven to empower and equip these leaders and business owners with the necessary self-awareness frameworks and tools in order to strive towards work-life balance and wellness – emotionally, mentally and physically.

Ultimately, having HOPE for the future, brings POWER in the PRESENT!

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I will be fully committed and engaged to working with “The Lady Lion” brand in order for you to promote and showcase our success together. As a budding speaker, this will form part of my story and ongoing journey as an entrepreneur

Should there be any reserves after this exercise, I would like to pay it forward to another resource or client working with me, so they can receive the benefit for their business as well!

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