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Business Name: Bull Dogs Trading Enterprise cc
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Armed & Unarmed Guarding:
Bull Dogs is providing specialized guarding services to Human Settlement in their Anti-Land Invasion Department.
We do:
Risk Assessment
Secure the invaded land to combat building of the new shacks.
Security Courses Training:
We also work with underprivileged communities around KZN who are mostly in rural areas by bringing training to their remote areas.
We train them in their communities so that they do not flock urban areas when they are still training & unemployed. Helping them to only move from their homestead when they are employable.
We assist individuals who wants to start their own security companies from training, accreditation & tendering processes.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

We are open to the suggestions & recommendations of the mentor|coach that will be allocated to us.
Personally, the excellent condition training vehicle that can be even branded with both Bull Dogs & Lady Lion, matching my facebook name Lioness (smiling).
If used for guarding services it could take the stress off salaries so that our guards are paid on time all the time if it is used as the working capital & monitored very closely making sure that when client finally pays, the working capital in our bank account goes back to 100k religiously.

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