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All women recycling are Upcyclers of recycled plastic bottles, creating unique gift boxes that reduce the amount of C02 gas emissions and plastic bottles from our landfill airspace.Whilst at the same time empowering and changing the lives of local women, mainly single mothers who have had no previous access to skills training. Teaching them craft skills and basic business acumen. working with the community- we buy bottles from local schools, charities, street collectors and recycling depots. The tops of the bottles we use for giving to the street collectors to earn some money, and working with a school agricultural program- to grow seedlings. the screw tops we donate to wheelchairs for children in need. our value chain in action where the community benefits from our success.
our purpose is very focused
selling globally- empowering locally.
partnering with some of the larger recyclers and bottling companies.
Averda. Extrupet. k&c waste. Polyoak.
Selling Globally-Empowering locally

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

1.The prize money would be used to purchase a trailer enabling us a convenient and economical way to collect our bottles and create another job.
2. To put towards PR budget and marketing social media
new website.
new website

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