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We are building a strategic data driven consultancy that enables medium size entities to improve customer experience by reshaping wasteful cost structures.

The primary services offered by REHOBOTH WMS are:

* Strategic Consulting
* Management Consulting

We assist businesses with Customer Experience Management, Integrated Customer Value Chain Management and Supply Chain Management.

Strategic Consulting:

We evaluate and transform business models to improve customer experience and reshape wasteful cost structures.

Management Consulting:

This space of the business entails custom work and includes details of implementation. We solve complex problems, devise invaluable strategies and help in improving the operational health of the client’s organization.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

– 40% of the prize will be used to build a strong and aggressive marketing and advertising campaign. I’m looking at things like creating 3 fold flyers, creating newsletters, publications, hosting free seminar, securing booths at seminars etc in order to build traction for the business;

– 30% will be allocated to ensuring that the business has a solid governance and compliance framework, we will look at things like Insurance, Tax etc this is intended to give us credibility and give our clients comfort in our business.

-20% will be used towards management accounting for the business. I believe for anyone to invest in our business and trust us with their money we need to prove that we manage finances in a credible and transparent way with proper book management.

– 10% this will help cover day to day overheads and be used as contingency.

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