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Business Name: Pierre's at Sudwala
Facebook Page: www.facebook/Pierres Restaurant at Sudwala

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My business started out in 1992 with my late husband. The opportunity came to run a small gift and souvenir shop. Due to my love for baking we decided to add a small tea garden which would also make the amazing view accessible to all. It snowballed due to an enthusiastic partner and grew to a fairsized restaurant with added accommodation. My interest lay in the food, the little shop and raising 4 daughters. In 2005 he passed away in a fatal accident. Fortunately I had the business to continue with and although there were and are challenges it also meant survival. The youngest daughters were 10 and 12 years old. They have all become well qualified responsible adults now. After 10 years of managing the business as well as the accommodation I decided to discontinue the rooms, 10 years was long enough to be doing something you don’t enjoy and which makes your workday a 24 hour day. Simultaneously the entire thatch roof had to be replaced with tiles. Maintenance is now second nature and those tools as important as the baking tools! The entire space was then opened up as a huge deck, allowing for more customers and potential functions and venue hire. The idea was to have enough comfortable space for anyone to relax even without actually having to order a meal. The view is an experience in itself and available to anyone passing by
We have a team of 8 including myself 5 ladies and 3 gentlemen, our kitchen run by the women, and take on temp staff over busy periods. The restaurant seats 80 to 120, from 08h00 to 18h00, unless there is a prebooked evening meal or function.

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There are some pressing issues mainly kitchen equipment, some maintenance and then a huge dollop of marketing advice!

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