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Business Name: Raising Readers
Facebook Page: Readers SA

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Raising Readers is run by an experienced remedial therapist who has a passion for literacy and help ALL children achieve reading success. To unlock the reading potential in children, Raising Readers has developed training programmes for parents, caregivers and teachers to guide them on this important journey; a journey that starts at birth. The different services consist of School Talks, Teacher Workshops, Parent Workshops and Consultations as well as Educational Kits. Reading is the foundation of all learning and every child deserves the right to become lifelong readers.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I would invest the money into the business and build up stock of the educational kits. I would also use the money to start creating a library of literacy resources and training materials on the Raising Readers method of supporting children who are struggling to learn to read that could be on offer to teachers in training as well as anyone involved in teaching children to read.

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