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Business Name: Busy bee activity boards
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I make and sell activity / Latch boards for children aged 7 months up to 6 years old. The boards come in four different sizes. I make them standard but because it is hand and home made I can add Whatever a client requires. The main purpose of the boards are to build confidence in using objects, fine motor skills development and it’s a great extension of the every day life curriculum. It’s fun and keeps children busy.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I would love to apply to stall at big markets to get my business name out. I believe my product needs to be seen in places like mamamagic etc
It will help me with marketing and getting marketing materials like flyers for schools. Also doing smarter advertising that’s not free.
I will also then be able to buy stock up front and use my sales to build the business to make it as successful as I dream it to be
I will be able to grow and offer employment.

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