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I am 50% owner of a environmental company dedicated to reducing waste. Our prime ingredient being recycled coffee that normally goes to landfill and is a major contributor to methane gasses. Our first product being the FireSpark. The ONLY firelighters made from the recycled coffee. There is recycled coffee and sawdust in the product along with a vegetable based wax (non-toxic so no black smoke) and sugar. Our firelighters don’t just burn longer and hotter than the conventional firelighters but it also does not have any petroleum making it safe to handle and child and pet safe.

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To upgrade/service our current equipment in the workshop as our equipment was handmade but changed to suit our product. Not really what it was meant to do. Therefore after 2 years the equipment needs a bit of upgrading in order to sustain the demand we have on it. Proper Marketing for mass education is also of vital importance but to do it wisely.

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