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Caffè D’amore is a Caffetteria and Pizzeria in a closely knit community in Gillitts, a Durban suburb.
We make amazing thin based woodfire pizzas…from hot-and-spicey to a sweet treat, and everything in between! We also provide nutritious and delicious “home cooked” meals for the Gillitts families. The home cooked meals have proven to be an important asset to the community and we are wanting to focus more on these going forward.
We are only a few months old with massive potential for growth and are very excited for things to come!

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

There are several “little things” that need to be done around the premisis to make the business run smoother. There are also some asthetic changes we think are necessary (such as installing windows in the pizzeria area that is currently a tented patio).
One of the largest changes we would like to make is expanding our little shop to include an entertainment area for grown ups and kids alike. The community has expressed a need for a local bar that they can come to after work, or enjoy watching some sport with friends and family on the weekends.
Some money will be needed for further advertising, we are currently reliant on social media and whatsapp for our advertising but would like to expand that.

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