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Business Name: Azaria Frappé
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I want to open my own coffee/milkshake café.
I have always had a love for new recipes, food and fun!

Our town has a need for a place for the youger people (age 13-30) to have fun since there is no place in town that offers that. I want to open a café with light meals and a milkshake list of 30 different flavours, with a room for fun like a pool table, board games and other games and activities.
I also want to help other people get a job and hire waitresses and kitchen staff to help others.

I have a full business plan and a heart full of hope for such a business but I do not have the finances to open it and that R100 000 prize will help me open a place for the youth of our town.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Gosh, R100K will help me buy everything I will need for this business. It will open the door for me to finally open this café

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