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Business Name: Interiors Etc (Remick Pty Ltd t/a)
Website: www.interiorsetc.co.za
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/decormich

Business Description

Interiors Etc is a company that started not only on the love of anything Décor and design but a passion for the creative with a focus on the precision of implementation.
I have added services to the business as it has grown and I am proud to offer what I do, but want to grow more.
I believe wholeheartedly in supporting other SMEs who are growing the economy and supporting their families. Part of my drive has been that the more I grow the more I can help others grow.
We believe completely on functionally beautiful spaces that meet the practical, ergonomic and aesthetic criteria required for the space.
We offer a diverse range of services with projects in the residential, corporate, hospitality and retail trade.
Services we offer:
-Turnkey service:(concept, design, building work, implementation and finishing)Project management from concept development right down to the chocolates on the pillows, the beans in your coffee machine or the pens on your desk! We will manage your costing, source finishes, and oversee contractors on and off site.
-Décor Styling: From site visits, to providing a range of our own styling props, we ensure the personality of your brand is reflected in your styled magazine articles, decor books, and catalogues.
-Interior design or redesign: from brand new builds to ongoing renovations.
-Consultation packages: We offer various consultations to help you to achieve your dream design look. Our fee structure, with a breakdown of various packages on offer, is available on request.
-Home Staging: We help you to think like a buyer when selling your home by guiding you through simple and inexpensive changes that add lasting value to your property.
-Décor Writing: I am obsessed with all things décor & design and love to write about trends, tips and more.
This business was also started as a necessity when my husband was retrenched. I took what I knew and put it into a business! Although he has worked in between again for a few of the years, I continued to grow my business. The last retrenchment three years back has meant that is again the sole providing income for our family and he has now become a very vital part of the business I have thrown my heart, sweat and tears into!

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Well, the marketing, training and website side of the prize is exactly part of what I am needing to help me find my focus and direction. As part of growing my business with it’s own furniture range, I’d like to have an online shop for my furniture range and beyond.
I’d also like to use some for getting prototypes made up of my designs that I have for my own furniture range and get it professionally photographed. I’d also like to take some and use it for business assets eg. uniforms for my contractors and for my husband and I on installation days.

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