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Ledi Craft Gin is the first business that is junior to Berry Ledi (Pty) Ltd, a general company founded in 2018 by Naledi, a young Cape-Born entrepreneur.

The name “Ledi” is shortened from the owner’s Sotho name “Naledi” which means a shinning star. We used it because of its uniqueness and its Africanicity. The idea was to make the gin completely unique from the usual gins and that it can be easily traced back to Africa. It was done the unusual way by infusing it with fruits apart from juniper berries and other botanicals.

Ledi Craft Gin is a local gin brand that distills fruit infused gin at 43% volume, located on the streets of Woodstock, Cape Town, Ledi Craft Gin provides its drinkers with genuine handcrafted gin.

Ledi Craft Gin has two infusions: 1. The Berry-Ledi, which is the first infusion that was thought of and became the legal name of the company, it is a strawberry and raspberry infusion. 2. The Pine-Ledi is a fresh pineapple infusion, created within the first week after the launch in September.

Both gin infusions can be enjoyed in summer, have great flavours that linger when you drink it and after you’ve had the first sip.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Ledi Craft Gin would expand within a week. With the prize money a new distillery machine can be bought; with our own distillery machine, because we are currently using another gin company’s machine, the cost for production would decrease, meaning the price of selling would too. That would mean that we’re a unique and great gin for a reasonable price and people would buy. Secondly, the prize money would also assist us in getting marketing materials such as banners, backdrops, teardrop, etc. This would do great at events, gin tastings, etc.

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