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Business Name: Circular Homes
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We supply quality and affordable home composting of kitchen waste – and earth friendly products. We also educate regarding recycling and other ways to live greener, making it easier for everyone to get involved. This provides solutions to the critical landfill-, bee extinction and climate change problems that we are facing. We want to convert the compost into more bee friendly flower parks and community vegetable gardens. Together we can inspire a nation.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

Create a professional and inviting website;
Get easy accounting software;
Get reliable label supplier for my products and print labels for stock;
Get a photographer to capture quality photos of the products;
Get a videographer to help with making my own “How to do home composting of kitchen waste; How to create bee friendly garden at home; How to easy recycle; How to make Eco bricks” etc. videos for YouTube;
Rent a small office space where I can store my stock (literally don’t have any more space in my house or garage);
My dream is to employ staff that can help with the admin, social media accounts, education and setting up the gardens.

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