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Business Name: Intellectual Minds Academy
Website: www.IntellectualMindsAcademy.WordPress.co.za
Facebook Page: Www.facebook.com/IntellectualMindsAcademy/

Business Description

Intellectual Minds Academy (IMA) is an education based company where we tutor school learners from grade 1-12, including supplementary and upgrading candidates.

When I was in grade 12, I obtained distinctions on my major subjects, including mathematics which is regarded as the hardest subject by most learners, with an overall matric average of 80% on my final results. To eliminate the negative thoughts most learners have about academics that academics are hard, especially maths & science and to help assist learners who cannot afford extra academic assistance facilities due to financial challenges, I took it upon myself to put to use the results I obtained and use them to better the academic future of others.

I started IMA to help assist mainly but not only the learners that live in townships as I grew up in a township myself and understand the challenges most learners in the areas face. In some or rather many homes in townships one would notice that most children are raised by their grandparents where the only source of income they have is the governement fund (Grant money) where all the members of the family depend on that sole income, leading to lack of funds to account for extra classes for learners with great potential to excel academically.

The company offers Saturday classes which go on all year for an hour per subject carrying 15 learners per sesion to avoid conjesting the learners and to provide that almost individual attention so we may easily pick up learners struggling more than others. And one-on-one sesions either at a clients comfort of their home on any day of the week expect for Sunday or at our premises on Saturdays.

For the Saturday classes we strictly follow the CAPS document stated by the Department of Education (DOE) thus on each week we assist with content that learners are stated to be doing in that specific week as per CAPS document. With one-on-one sesions learners are free to choose any topic they feel they need additional assistance in.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

I will use the 100k to make means of expansion as I would like to expand the company to every town in SA as clients from all over SA are showing interest in the services I provide however due to lack of funds I am having a very hard time expanding as expansion requires a lot of finances which I at the moment don’t have access to. After my interview at Umhlobo Wenene earlier in the year I received calls from literally every town SA from potential clients enquirering on where the closest branch in their town is, meaning there is a great demand for the services and the market is there for the taking all that is left is for the company to “go” to the people.

I will also use the funds to better the services at the existing branch as we lack in a lot of resources, we do not have a printer which is one of the core things we need consisting the nature of the company, we survive on printouts for academic purposes so because the company does not have a printer of its own I spend hundreds buying printing credits at the university so we may have the necessary printouts for the learners. A computer is also another major factor as the company also does not have a computer of its own thus we have a hard time on that regard too.

The training would be highly appreciated as I believe there is so much that I still need to learn about the business world so I can be able to provide the best services possible and do I can grow as an individual in management skills

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